Read what these patients have to say about Spine Institute Northwest and how Dr. Kamson helped them with their spine and back problems.

Mitchell Piorkowski details his satisfaction with his procedure at SINW:

“Mode of motion hasn’t changed – it’s increased substantially from where I am right now. So, yeah. I am satisfied with it? Extremely.”

Speaking of her back surgery at SINW, Tina Morris, had this to say:

“Definitely have it looked at. This procedure is new… but it’s wonderful. I’d do it again, but I just don’t want to do it again right away! But I would if need be. It’s a great procedure. I’m just amazed.

I wasn’t able to go walking or anything like that, and I think it was about three weeks after the surgery, I went for a half-mile walk.”

– Al Gatti, on the difference after his surgery

I didn’t think it would be this good, honestly. From what I’ve read online and from experience, I thought it would be that I would still need some sort of oral pain medication. I t seems like the majority of patients still need some sort of pain medication, so to be where I am, I’m pretty impressed.”

– Andrea Snyder-Nelson, on being impressed by her experience at SINW and with Dr. Kamson

I’ve begun to realize at 54 years old that if I want to maintain a good physically active lifestyle, I’m going to have to cut back or tailor my activities, and so I plan to do that. I’m not going to surf, I’m not going to spend eight hours in a saddle, I’m not going to ride a motocross bike any more, but I’m going to have a full great life with what I have because now I’m pain free.”

– Eric Smith, on being pain-free after minimally-invasive spine surgery

“I like the way Dr. Kamson takes his time to explain things. I felt very comfortable with him. I really liked the nurse. She called periodically three or four times between my appointments just to check in on me and she gave me her number and the Doctor’s cell phone number in case anything happened, so she was really helpful.”

– Jason Skidmore, on dealing with Dr. Kamson and his staff at SINW

“He told me why I was hurting. Then he said ‘I believe I can fix you and make you feel a lot better’, and so that’s what made my decision to come here.”

– Chris Catron, on being told by Dr. Kamson what was wrong with his spine

“My wife had back problems and came to Dr. Kamson, and he helped her tremendously with several operations, and because of that she mentioned that I was having a little problem with my back, and so he came in one day and said, ‘We’re going to have a look at your back.’”

– Mark Tidball, on his wife’s experience with Dr.Kamson

“My expectation was for the pain to go away, and you guys managed this – it’s almost not there – and whatever’s there, like I said, is probably due to the surgery and the healing process. So, definitely met the expectations.”

– Pasha Koulechov, on feeling much better after surgery at SINW

“The only thing that I regret is that I didn’t call the Institute and find them sooner because I didn’t have to exist with that pain as long as did.” 

– Amy Klingele, on not contacting Spine Institute Northwest sooner about her pains