Dr. Kamson Patient Testimonials, 2017 Update

Dr. Kamson, president of the Board of Directors For the Society For Advanced Spinal Intervention and founder of Spine Institute Northwest in Seattle, is an advocate of both minimally invasive surgery and regenerative medicine in treating spine conditions of the thoracic, lumbar, and cervical areas.

Minimally invasive surgery spine surgery (or less invasive spine surgery), as opposed to traditional open back surgery requires much smaller incisions since it relies on state-of-the-art imaging technologies and endoscopic tools, resulting in significantly lesser damage to surrounding muscle areas, lesser pain, faster recoveries, and shorter downtime for the patient. Another significant difference is that minimally invasive surgery can often cost a lot less than open surgery.

dr. kamson

Dr. Kamson consultation with a patient

Watch information on Dr. Kamson and the procedures they perform at Spine Institute Northwest in the YouTube video link below:

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Latest Patient Testimonials for Dr. Kamson

Read the success stories of some patients who were suffering from various forms of back pain in their individual testimonials below.

Chronic Pain Survival: Jeremiah Dawson

As a field training officer, Jeremiah relied on his ability to be active – running, performing training exercises, and keeping up with rookies. However, a bout with back pain while training turned out not to be just any ordinary pain. Painkillers did not help with Jeremiah’s pain at all, which led him to seek out alternative treatment. His search led him to Dr. Kamson and the Spine Institute where he had fusion performed on his cervical and lumbar spine. Grateful of the care he received from SINW, Jeremiah says:

“Thanks to Dr. Kamson and SINW, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

spinal fusion

Cervical Fusion Ends Michelle’s Suffering


Arthritic degeneration in Michele Roberts’ spine caused her chronic neck pain that prevented her from doing normal everyday things such as turning her neck and simply brushing her hair. Dr. Kamson operated on her cervical vertebrae and did a fusion to deal with her pain. “I came to see Dr. Kamson and he was so nice and confident. I had trust in him,” Michelle says. After becoming pain-free, she encourages other sufferers like her to have their back pain looked at instead of keeping on suffering.

Kathleen Cowitz-Laski: Lumbar Decompression

Kathleen, an active grandmother who owned her own house cleaning business was in very bad shape before having back surgery.  She needed a walker to move around and gradually her mobility worsened.

“My leg actually felt like concrete. I couldn’t lift it, and to get into the car was bad!”

A lumbar decompression procedure restored her mobility, so she now can tend to her business. What’s more, she can now play with her grandchildren – an activity she could not enjoy before her surgery. “I was surprised how soon I could walk after my surgery.”

Esteban Castaneda’s Chronic Pain Relieved

Desperation led Esteban to seek out an alternative form of treatment for his chronic back pain. No amount of painkillers or medication could address his back pain, which turned out to be caused by a birth defect – a pars defect. Dr. Kamson operated on his lumbar area to address Estaban’s pain.

Cameron Reyes Opted for Minimally Invasive Surgery for His Back Pain

Cameron, a 300-pound 6-foot former football and wrestling enthusiast as a young man, ended up with chronic back pain as an adult. His severe back pain left him depressed. Wanting to find a way to deal with his pain, Cameron researched traditional open back surgical procedures, but decided that the extended healing and downtime was not for him. With the minimally invasive procedure he received (a lumbar decompression), he was able to end a “horrible chapter in his life.”

“When Dr. Kamson told me that he could make me better…I wept like a kid.”

lumbar decompression patient

Cameron can now laugh when he recalls his successful operation.

Randall Huff, was another Spine Institute patient who underwent lumbar decompression for his back pain. After his back pain dispossessed Randall of the ability to do anything – he could not work and found it impossible to sleep – he decided to seek treatment.

Tim Watts: Ruptured Disc Treatment

Tim suffered from two ruptured spinal discs and was also enduring the painful effects of spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal canal) that put pressure on the nerves in the spine and spinal cord. After meeting the staff of Spine Institute Northwest and speaking with Dr. Kamson, Time says, ” I felt comfortable with what he had to say…I felt like this was the place I needed to go.” True enough, after his procedure and much to his surprise, the tension in his legs completely disappeared quickly after.

Dan Schmalzried: “It Almost Feels Like a Miracle.”

Dan faced opposition from from everyone when he decided to get surgical relief for his back pain. No one in his family believed that traditional surgery was the best solution for his pain, since he would still have to deal with more pain and an extended healing period afterwards. Even doctors and physicians he consulted were against him. No one believed he could get rid of his pain. His procedure at Spine Institute Northwest proved the naysayers wrong. A fusion and a repair of a herniated disc that was causing pain cured the numbness and the pain in his foot and back.

Watch his testimonial in the video below:

Mary Halabi: Herniated Disc Injury

Mary never thought that a routine weightlifting session would lead to something much worse than a pulled back or a sprained muscle. Self-diagnosing her pain to be nothing more than a pulled muscle was not a wise move for Mary, as her pain did not go away and only went from bad to worse. The pain got so bad that it caused Mary to miss class.

After a minimally invasive procedure relieved the pressure on her spine. Mary says, ” If you have pain, have it looked at professionally.”

Disabled From a Ruptured DIsc: Jim Perri

A problem with Jim’s L5 (lumbar vertebrae) caused him intense, debilitating back pain. Coupled with sciatica that caused more pain in his right leg, Jim’s pain level was, in his words, a twelve (12) on a scale of 1 to 10. All the pain he was experiencing meant that he effectively could do absolutely nothing but rest on the floor all day.

After his procedure at Spine Institute Northwest, his pain level dropped to a zero, for which he is extremely grateful.

Dwayne Burnell: Twice Treated for Two Different Spine Conditions

Dwayne has been a patient of Dr. Kamson twice. Once in 2003 for leg and back pain and again more than a decade later, for an unrelated condition in his spine. What brought Dwayne to the Spine Institute both times was the very thorough and analytical approach to diagnosis and care he received that ensured that he was well taken care of. Hear Dwayne relate how his experience in the YouTube video below:

Margo Witters of Spokane

Margo used to rely on her walker or her wheelchair to go anywhere. Not that she could really go anywhere since she was in chronic pain that made even the simplest of tasks impossible.

Her pain ended after coming in to the Spine Institute Northwest which treated her back through a lumbar fusion procedure.

“I felt really good right after the surgery…I can do things I haven’t done in four or five years.”

Dr. Kamson with Margo

Dr. Kamson (middle) with Margo and her husband after her successful procedure are Spine Institute Northwest.