Tips on Post-Surgical Home Recovery After Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

42307279-nurse-taking-female-patients-blood-pressure-in-hospitalOne of the advantages of having minimally invasive spine surgery is the shorter recovery period you’ll need as opposed to more invasive types of procedures. Although a speedier recovery time is a big plus, patients will still need a window of time after surgery during which mobility will be decreased.

If you undergo one of the minimally invasive spine procedures, such as those regularly performed at the Spine Institute Northwest under the guidance of Dr. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD, you’ll want to ensure that your recovery time at home is comfortable and your quality of life is impacted as little as possible. As the date of your spine surgery nears, it’s a good idea to have some specific items at hand in your home to help you with certain tasks during your recovery.

After a minimally invasive spinal procedure, you will want to avoid twisting your back or reaching up over your head. To avoid these movements, be sure that any pajamas or clothing you wear have buttons in front for closure, so you won’t have to pull any clothing up over your head. Choose nightwear that is large enough to keep you from being confined from movement, yet not so large that the material will clump up beneath you. You’re also bound to have an itch in an area you shouldn’t be reaching for during your recovery. Buy an inexpensive backscratcher or use a long-handled, wooden spoon to scratch that itch.

Keep a cooler full of ice packs and beverages nearby your recovery area to avoid moving around too much the first few days post-surgery. Another handy item to have nearby is a grabber. This long-handled ‘claw’ that you squeeze to grab things just out of reach will help you retrieve the TV remote, snacks, a pack of tissues, or something you’ve dropped without too much exertion or bending. Don’t forget to put trash bags on your list of shopping items for your at-home recovery period. A plastic bag will come in handy if you’re having difficulty moving in and out of bed. If you lay down on the bag first, you can then slide off the bed more easily when you need to get up. Wear a slip-on shoe with a rubber sole, like Crocs, to help you get mobile and walk around without having to bend over and work with shoelaces.

Finally, think about your movements while taking a shower. Have a long-handled bath brush and shower gel ready to use so you can reach areas of your body easily and without stress or strain.

You can discuss these tips and obtain many other pieces of advice from Dr. Kamson when you go over the details of your minimally invasive procedure and period of recovery. Call Dr. Sol Kamson at the Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA, today and make an appointment to discuss your specific needs.