Dr. Kamson’s Patient Reviews

Read through Doctor Kamson’s patient testimonials and watch their stories in the videos below.

“I’m back to doing things that I’ve always enjoyed. I couldn’t have worked 30 minutes before.”

– 89-year-old Irma Stennes, on the change her life underwent after Doctor Kamson helped fix the chronic pain in her back

“It is amazing. I’m back to all my normal activities. I can go and do sports.” 

– Jaselyn Lee, lumbar discectomy patient at Spine Institute Northwest, on the daily activities she can once again do after her procedure

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Stopping the Pain for Our Returning Troops!

Our troops are suffering significantly from chronic back pain once they have returned home. Although our veterans have had to tolerate the pain long enough to finish their tour, there is no need for continued suffering. Chronic pain has a way of infiltrating many aspects of their lives and Doctor Kamson would like to stop the pain.

Common back pain is usually a result of sitting too long or poor posture – civilians can remedy the pain by simple lifestyle changes. However, our troops suffer chronic pain caused from time on the battlefield. Though there are certainly troops who have desk jobs, those whose assignments involve carrying lots of equipment or wearing heavy protective gear for long periods of time are prone to wear-and-tear injuries. Veterans may also experience back pain as a result of injury, which can complicate the treatment process.

It’s unfortunate that returning troops may experience common problems caused from chronic back pain. For ‘anyone’ experiencing chronic pain, there is the risk of developing feelings of frustration, despair, and depression. This risk can be even greater for veterans, even those returning from non-combat missions. Back pain and back injuries can limit your ability to work. For those who have made serving their country their career, back pain can seriously inhibit successfully performing their duties.
We want our military to have easy access to medical help to stop back pain. However, this isn’t possible with the VA. Beginning in 1998, the Veterans’ Administration has used a protocol for handling veterans’ pain issues known as the National Pain Management Strategy. However, the lengthy wait times and inefficiencies of the VA system have been well documented. Returning troops are faced with bureaucratic hurdles and frustrating lags, especially for seeing specialists. Though efforts are being made to overhaul the VA, chronic pain can make each day feel like an eternity.

If you would like to stop chronic back pain, don’t wait! The Spine Institute Northwest offers a comprehensive array of treatment options, and we make every effort to make sure you don’t need to wait to come see us.