Excellence in Pain Practice Award

dr. kamson

Sol Kamson MD is very proud that the Spine Institute Northwest has earned an Excellence in Pain Practice (EPP) Award from the World Institute of Pain. The achievement of this award provides Dr. Kamson and his colleagues with recognition of their dedication to treating patients with the highest quality of care and for attending continued educational and training programs and seminars in the field of interventional pain management.

The World Institute of Pain began distributing the EPP Award in 2010 to promote the highest models and standards of pain management practice around the globe. This organization was founded over 20 years ago by Phulchand Prithvi Raj, Ricardo Ruiz Lopez, and Gabor B. Racz, in order to help physicians and researchers work together to improve the quality of life of those suffering from chronic and acute pain.

Pain Treatment Center Credentials

Physicians, such as Solomon Kamson, and scientists who are members of the World Institute of Pain are able to share important information concerning research and clinical studies in order to help and learn from one another. Through the Institute, these medical professionals can attend international seminars and training sessions. Data and information is pooled from physicians around the world. This knowledge is then distributed to members, enabling them to learn more about the results of certain procedures, new treatments being developed, and the best practices in pain management techniques.

With the EPP Award, Dr. Sol Kamson and Spine Institute Northwest, have been singled out not only for the treatments they offer, but also for the practice as a whole. The organization reviews the ways in which patients are cared for by every member of the staff during a site visit.

“Gaining the cache of being able to display the World Institute of Pain’s red shield on our web site has inspired even greater confidence in our abilities from our many satisfied patients, while it also helps to reassure new patients that they will be receiving the quality of care they deserve.” Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD, Director of the Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA, notes that the EPP Award is an honor to receive, as it points him and his team out to patients as being a top practice in the field of pain management.

Now that you are aware of the EPP Award bestowed upon Dr. Kamson, give us a call and schedule an appointment before you make the decision to undergo treatment for your back pain. You may send us your MRI or CT scan for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kamson.