Stem Cell Therapy: Not Just for Athletes Anymore

golfer-swinging-club-backProfessional athletes were among the first to receive innovative stem cell therapies to treat problems related to sports injuries. Knee injuries, for example, can be hard to treat due to the fact that the body usually doesn’t repair torn cartilage and tissue on its own. With the help of stem cell therapy, physicians like Sol Kamson, MD, can offer a natural fix for damaged tissue. There may even come a day when knee replacement surgery will no longer be necessary.

Athletes and Stem Cell Therapy

When Peyton Manning sustained a serious neck injury in 2006, the former Colts and Broncos quarterback had to travel to Europe to receive treatment with stem cells, as this option was considered to be experimental in the United States. After his therapy with stem cells in Europe, Manning was able to play football for several more years and retired after last year’s big Super Bowl win. It’s now known that stem cell therapy is particularly encouraging for neck injuries because this delicate area can be hard to treat.

Today, stem cell therapy is widely in use when it comes to healing athletic injuries. This type of therapy is considered a medical treatment by the NFL, rather than known as an athletic enhancement. Many sports physicians and orthopedic surgeons, such as Solomon Kamson of Spine Institute Northwest, now recommend stem cell therapy for certain injuries that require regenerative treatment. Famed tennis player, Rafael Nadal, chose this type of therapy in 2014 for a back injury after having opted for stem cell therapy for a previous knee issue. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers went to Germany in 2011 for regenerative treatment on his knee.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy uses material from your own body to fix and regenerate injured tissue without undergoing surgery. Sol Kamson, MD offers different options for regenerative therapies to heal injuries at the cellular level.

Stem cells have the capacity to change into the kind of cell they are placed next to. This helps the body repair tissue and regenerate new tissue, stimulate bone growth, and lessen the formation of scars. Dr. Sol Kamson uses stem cell therapy to relieve joint and/or back pain at the Spine Institute Northwest. The different types of stem cell therapy used by Dr. Kamson include:

  • BioD Regenerative Therapy
  • MatriStem A-Cell Injection
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  • Amniotic Cell Matrix
  • Stem Cell Therapy

If you have severe joint pain, ligament or muscle damage, these types of therapies may be helpful to you when used along with surgery to promote healing. Used for shoulder injuries, acute accident trauma, mildly degenerative discs, and bulging discs, stem cell therapy may be right for you. It takes just half an hour to receive a regenerative treatment.

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