Dr. Kamson’s Patient Reviews

Read through Doctor Kamson’s patient testimonials and watch their stories in the videos below.

“I’m back to doing things that I’ve always enjoyed. I couldn’t have worked 30 minutes before.”

– 89-year-old Irma Stennes, on the change her life underwent after Doctor Kamson helped fix the chronic pain in her back

“It is amazing. I’m back to all my normal activities. I can go and do sports.” 

– Jaselyn Lee, lumbar discectomy patient at Spine Institute Northwest, on the daily activities she can once again do after her procedure

“I can’t thank you guys enough for the care we got.”

– John Wieler, on his experience at Spine Institute Northwest and how he was taken care of while there

“Get it taken care of so you can get back to normal living again.”

– Stephanie Proulx, Canadian SINW patient, on her advice for other patients seeking relief from their back pain

“Before I got surgery I could not walk. I was on the floor for days.”

-Michael Shaffer, on his discomfort and pain before undergoing surgery at Spine Institute Northwest

“It has gotten me back to a place that I don’t remember.”

– Lori Kuzior, on how her successful laser spine surgery at Spine Institute Northwest brought her life back to the way it was before all the pain

” I never imagined that there was a place as good as this.”

– Jesus Omar Belloso Soza, commenting on the clinic after being cured of his chronic back pain after his procedure at Spine Institute Northwest

“I’ve got no pain in my legs at all, it’s a world of difference.”

– Glenn Steig, on the change he felt after his operation

“You sit up and realize that there’s no knife sticking in your back anymore. It brings a tear to your eye!”

– Eric Minier, SINW patient, on the relief he felt after undergoing a microdiscectomy

“They worked miracles with my back!”

– Darrel Lewis, on the surprise he got after Doctor Kamson was able to fix his chronic back pain with just a tiny incision

“I didn’t have any concerns…Dr. Kamson was pretty thorough.”

– Michael Reitz, on his experience undergoing back surgery with Doctor Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest

“The staff were just phenomenal…some of the finest medical people that I have ever seen.”

– Sissy Falcon Johnson, on the care she received from Doctor Kamson after her procedure at Spine Institute Northwest

“It’s a fantastic experience.”

– David Hurlbut, on his whole experience at Spine Institute Northwest after being operated on by Doctor Kamson